Saturday, December 11, 2010

Italian Opera

 Thursday, December 9th

The amazing orchestra and subtitles above the stage.
On Thursday night, we had the opportunity to attend the Italian Opera with our program. We went to see “Toscana”, which is a love story about a man who escapes from prison, and a woman from a royal family. Basically, there is a lot of drama and most of the characters end up dead. Typical love story, right?

It was so much fun getting all dressed up and going to this beautiful opera house with my friends. The Opera was completely in Italian, but had subtitles for all the words (in Italian as well) over the stage. This was actually pretty helpful in figuring out what the heck they were singing. Their voices were amazing and the orchestra was out of this world. What a great cultural experience! `

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  1. Hi Dane,
    Glad you got to attend the Opera. I'm sure it was a really great evening.
    Next week at this time you'll be home!!! Soak up every last drop of Italy that you can, in the meantime!
    I love you,